Oikos derives from the ancient Greek word merging the meaning of three distinct concepts: FAMILY, PROPERTY AND HOME. 

A dwelling where the inhabitants live together interacting in a definitive way.

Our platform enables this by financing the development of sustainable residential housing across our chosen markets.

Our mission is simple: to uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency and accountability to our borrowers and investors.


Oikos Capital Partners is a leading private commercial real estate lender to development sponsors in the United Kingdom and Sweden. 

We provide property real estate developers with timely approvals on flexible short to mid-term financings.

We supply innovative financing for commercial and residential properties throughout Sweden and the United Kingdom, earning the trust of our investors, including family offices and institutional investors by applying rigorous underwriting to generate attractive yields.

Our focus is simple: provide capital to real estate developers who have a vision of delivering quality housing with a focus on sustainable projects.


Oikos Capital Partners commits to the principles of Planet, People and Prosperity.

Environmental sustainability, social responsibility and governance have become a mandatory requisite in today’s investment landscape. These principles are at the core of our values and strategies.

The key to long term financial success not only lies in generating returns, but in making a positive environmental and social impact.

We priorities mixed income real estate assets that incorporate a portion of affordable or social housing, such as multi shareholder cooperatives, widely recognized as a successful model of governance ethics through residential control, collective ownership, affordable housing, and community interaction.


We continually seek to uncover the most favourable investment opportunities for our clients. Our transactions are characterized by regions with continued population growth, strong labour demands and job growth.

We offer a range of yield-oriented strategies non-correlated to traditional equities and fixed income.

Our capacity to manage the entire cycle of a loan, from origination to underwriting and servicing, allows us to preserve the investors’ capital, providing them with a secure source of income from a diversified pool of secured mortgages.


Our main objective is to preserve the investors’ capital while offering them a secure source of income from a diversified pool of fully secured commercial and residential mortgages.

Oikos provides commercial and residential property developers with custom-tailored solutions for their investment needs with a strong due diligence in every loan we fund.

  1. Credit committee first review
  2. Letter of intent
  3. Due diligence
  4. Underwriting review
  5. Credit approval
  6. Committment letter
  7. Investment funding process
  8. Allocation and funding